W1S1 [ˈentə US -ər] v
1¦(go into)¦
2¦(start working)¦
3¦(start an activity)¦
5¦(write information)¦
7¦(period of time)¦
8¦(start to exist)¦
9 enter somebody's life
10¦(official statement)¦
Phrasal verbs
 enter into something
 enter upon something
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: entrer, from Latin intrare, from intra 'inside']
1.) ¦(GO INTO)¦
a) [I and T]
to go or come into a place
Silence fell as I entered the room.
Few reporters dared to enter the war zone.
b) [T]
if an object enters part of something, it goes inside it
The bullet had entered his brain.
2.) ¦(START WORKING)¦ [I and T]
to start working in a particular profession or organization, or to start studying at a school or university
Both the boys entered the army.
She entered politics in 1996.
He entered the Church (=became a priest) as a young man.
to start to take part in an activity, or become involved in a situation
He entered the election as the clear favourite.
The rebels were prepared to enter negotiations (=start discussing something) .
4.) ¦(COMPUTER)¦
a) [T]
to put information into a computer by pressing the keys
Press the return key to enter the information.
enter sth into sth
The names are entered into a database.
b) [I and T]
if you enter a computer system, you are given permission to use it by the computer
It won't let you enter without a password.
to write information on a particular part of a form, document etc
Don't forget to enter your postcode.
enter in/into
Enter your name in the space provided.
to arrange to take part in a race, competition, examination etc, or to arrange for someone else to take part
At least 30 schools entered the competition.
enter for
Decisions about when he or she is entered for an examination should be taken very carefully.
7.) ¦(PERIOD OF TIME)¦ [T]
to begin a period of time when something happens
The economy entered a period of recession in the mid 1980s.
enter its third week/sixth day/second year etc
The talks have now entered their third week.
8.) ¦(START TO EXIST)¦ [T]
if a new idea, thought etc enters your head, or a new quality enters something, it suddenly starts to exist there
A note of panic entered her voice.
it never entered sb's head/mind
(=used to say that someone never considered a particular idea, especially when this is surprising)
It never entered his head that she might be seeing someone else.
9.) enter sb's life
if someone or something enters your life, you start to know them or be affected by them
By the time Angie entered his life, he was almost 30.
10.)¦(OFFICIAL STATEMENT)¦ [T] formal
to make an official statement
Wilson entered a plea of not guilty (=said that he was not guilty at the beginning of a court case) .
Residents entered a number of objections to the scheme.
enter into [enter into sth] phr v
1.) enter into an agreement/contract etc
to make an official agreement to do something
enter into an agreement/contract etc with
Some local authorities have entered into partnership with private companies.
2.) to start discussing or dealing with something
It could be a problem, but we don't need to enter into that just yet.
enter into discussions/negotiations (with sb)
The government refused to enter into discussions with the opposition.
3.) [usually in negatives]
to affect a situation and be something that you consider when you make a choice
He always buys the best - money doesn't enter into it.
4.) enter into the spirit of it/things
to take part in a game, party etc in an eager way
enter upon [enter upon sth] phr v
to start doing something or being involved in it
countries newly entering upon industrialization

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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